INDESIT OS 1A 250 H2 1 Chest Freezer – White



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Get more room for your frozen favourites with the Indesit OS 1A 250 H2 1 Chest Freezer. Its large 255 litre capacity gives you plenty of space for everything.Thanks to the clean-back design the OS 1A 250 H2 1 will fit perfectly flush against your kitchen wall, so you don’t have to worry about dust building up behind it.With balanced hinges you don’t have to worry about dangerous or abrupt closure of the door. Plus, the freezer is suitable for use in outbuildings, so you can safely keep it in your garage or shed, freeing up extra space in your home.When you’ve just got home from the shops, use the fast freeze function to rapidly lower the temperature and lock in flavour and nutrients.

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